GTI-Your Quality Assistant in China!

    Why GTI is better

    Service items

    • Inspection
      GTI will make before-shipment inspection,  amid-production inspection, initial production inspection, production monitoring, full quantity inspection. We will ensure customer's product quality before product shipment.
    • Factory audit
      We audit the factories so that you can choose the right supplier.
    • Loading Supervision
      To avoid the high risk of loading the wrong or damaged products, or on wrong quantity, etc. Inspectors monitor at the loading site to ensure that your products are safely loaded.


    GTI'S Quality Solution is helping lots of AMAZON seller to win the FIVE STARS

    New product item / New supplier---100% full samples inspection, helping you to take out X% defective samples, supervision the packing and seal the cartons, you save money and win the5 stars in AMAZON.

    Stable supplier / Products---You can choose AQL or checking X%samples to see the defect rate of what you are buying in factory before shipment .

    Label and packing check conform to Amazon requirements---onforming and fast delivery to your product, Avoiding rejection by FBA warehouse. Checking the FBA, FNSKU, ASIN conforming to Amazon requirements / Fulfillment by Amazon.

    Eight advantages

    We are the strong supporter for the quality control before getting your goods out of China. During production, 
    many things and details can go wrong. Finding the right quality control agency is neccessary. 
    GTI  Quality Inspection Company can not only help you ensure and improve the product quality, but also strengthen your business and sales, and help you build good reputation as we make sure that your customers are 100% satisfied.

    • Security
      Decrease the risks for the product quality to the lowest;
    • High Quality
      ensure your production quality and provide the improvement measures at once;
    • Help
      help you to ensure the pass rate;
    • Timely
      ensure the delivery time;
    • Guarantee
      decrease your business risks;
    • Optimization
      help you to choose the best supplier ;
    • Prevention
      prevent potential quality issues from happening;
    • Approval
      ensure that your products are loaded in the containers in a correct way and on right quantity.
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